Karthika Deepam Nomu | Deepadaana Vratham

Karthika Deepam Nomu (Karthika Deepa Vratham) is an auspicious austerity observed in Karthika Masam in Telugu calendar. In 2022, Karthika Masam begins on 26 October and ends on 23 November. It is performed on any Krittika Nakshatra day or on Pournami (Full Moon) day. How to do Karthika Deepam Nomu? In Shiva Temple, light 120 […]

Karthika Aadivaara Vratham | Ravivaar Vrat in Kartik Month

Karthika Aadivaara Vratham (Ravivaar Vrat in Kartik Month) is a puja performed on Sundays in Karthik Month. In 2022, Karthik Ravivaar dates are – October 30, November 6, November 13 and November 20 in Marathi, Telugu, Kannada and Gujarati calendars. In 2022, as per North Indian Hindi calendars, Sundays in Kartik Month are – October […]

Nomulu | Vrathalu

Nomulu means observation of religious rituals, performance of pujas, and Vrathalu means observation of fasting. It is an ancient system which is still adopted in Andhra Pradesh that a married woman must have to follow certain customs and traditions for the wellbeing of the entire society. The details of fasting, and the various methods of […]