Karthe 2017-2018 | Rain bearing Nakshatras

Karthe is a period of 13.5 days in which Sun transits through the particular Nakshatra. Sun during his movement, occupies each of the nakshatras for an average period of 13.5 days.

During these days, the respective nakshatra is said to be the rain bearing nakshatra. The ‘Karthe’ is named after that particular rain bearing Nakshatra.

Here is the list of Karthe 2017-2018 dates..

Ashwini Karthe begins on 13 April 2017

Bharani Karthe begins on 27 April 2017

Krittika Karthe begins on 11 May 2017

Rohini Karthe begins on 25 May 2017

Mrigashira Karthe begins on 8 June 2017

Arudra Karthe begins on 22 June 2017

Punarvasu Karthe begins on 6 July 2017

Pushyami Karthe begins on 20 July 2017

Aslesha Karthe begins on 3 August 2017

Magha Karthe begins on 17 August 2017

Purva Phalguni Karthe begins on 30 August 2017

Uttara Phalguni Karthe begins on 13 September 2017

Hastha Karthe begins on 27 September 2017

Chitra Karthe begins on 10 October 2017

Swati Karthe begins on 24 October 2017

Vishakha Karthe begins on 6 November 2017

Anuradha Karthe begins on 19 November 2017

Jyeshta Karthe begins on 2 December 2017

Moola Karthe begins on 15 December 2017

Purvashada Karthe begins on 28 December 2018

Uttarashada Karthe begins on 11 January 2018

Shravana Karthe begins on 24 January 2018

Dhanishta Karthe begins on 6 February 2018

Shatabhisha Karthe begins on 19 February 2018

Purvabhadra Karthe begins on 4 March 2018

Uttarabhadra Karthe begins on 17 March 2018

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    Verry useful information

  3. shobha says:

    Please keep updating me about the new rain .so that based on that I can start up my agricultural activities

  4. Gopalkrishna says:

    Mragashira rain start of the day and time

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