Rishi Kardama (Kardama Muni)

Rishi Kardama was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, and through his severe penance, Sri Kapila Bhagavan was born to him. He got married with a pious and chaste woman Devahuti, who was the daughter of Manu. It is believed that he would have lived in the Treta Yuga, and was well known for his yogic powers. He has got many disciples and guided them in a proper manner.

His wife Devahuti served him sincerely and acted as a dutiful wife. Due to their union, they had nine daughters, and his daughters were married to the Prajapatis, sons of Lord Brahma. After some time, due to his severe meditation, Rishi Kapila was born, and he was considered as the divine incarnation of Lord Vishnu. As soon as he took birth, all the divine devas and rishis appeared in the sky and chanted the holy Vedic mantras and poured flowers on to the divine child.

Rishi Kardama taught all the Vedas, Shastras, Upanishads and Holy scriptures to his son Kapila. After Kapila has attained teenage, Rishi Kardama took permission from his son and wife, and went to the forest and performed meditation on Lord Vishnu for several years, and attained MUKTI.

Kapila also taught the divine subjects to his mother Devahuti, and asked her to chant the divine mantra “OM NAMO NARAYANAYA NAMAHA” continuously in order to attain SALVATION. His mother also done like that, and in course of time, due to the grace of her son Rishi Kapila, she has attained SALVATION. Kapila also delivered his teachings to many great rishis, and asked them to meditate on Lord Vishnu, in order to attain the eternal bliss.

Let us worship the great rishi and be blessed.


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