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Kanyadana is an ancient ritual held in Hindu marriages, and it is followed since several centuries.In some ancient Hindu texts, the details about Kanyadan are mentioned.

Kanyadana means giving the bride as a gift to the bridegroom. It was the Brahmins who created the system of kanyadana for their community. But in general the term Kanyadana applies to all classes of Hindus, and in some temples and social welfare institutions a separate fund called as “KANYADANA FUND” is created, for the benefit of poor Girls marriage, irrespective of their caste, community and religion. With the funds received from some kind hearted donors, some temples and institutions are doing this noble service.

As per Hinduism, whoever cause harm to females, would suffer from severe “NAGA DOSHAM” in their next birth. A person would suffer from “NAGA DOSHAM” even if he causes any disturbance to snakes, like hurting them or killing them etc. Lot of parihara temples are there for getting rid from Naga Dosham. But if we helps in the marriage of poor girls, then we would get more favourable results, and our Naga Dosham would be immediately removed.

For the humans, marriage is a part and parcel of their life. By doing marriage, their family gets extended, and they could dream about their children and about their growth etc. But nowadays conducting marriages is a very difficult task, since the middle class and poor people could not spend too much money on marriages. Or otherwise they have to put their entire hard earned life savings on marriages, and after that, they would become a pauper. Hence let us give our helping hand in the marriage of poor girls irrespective of their caste, community and religion, and let us lit bright lamps in the lives of the holy girls, since according to Hinduism, all the girls are considered as an aspect of Mata Shakti Devi.

Daily we are spending lot of money on useless activities, like buying unnecessary and rich items, replacing our old electronic items with new items, even when it is in good condition, and some people would replace their costly cars once in a year, in order to show their money power with others. By doing that, they may get some satisfaction, but it will not last for a long period of time. But if they donate some money towards performing marriage for poor girls, they would get great Punyam as well as their life would go on smoothly.


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  1. Sreenivasa NG Rao says:

    Good view and subject. Who will initiate the issue honestly and sincerely as a moral duty cast by Almighty.
    Swindling of corpus fund will be the first step in this behalf as far as I could comprehend. One should raise above himself. Self-less-ness should be the motto. Well, let not the issue stop with this article. A good beginning has been made and I wish every success. Hope like minded do join and enrich. I am a super-senior -individual from Tamil nad