Solutions for Late Marriage (Shighra Vivah ke Upay)

Here is the list of solutions for late Marriage (Shighra Vivah ke Upay)..

Solutions for Kanya (To be followed by unmarried girl)

1. Put a bit of turmeric (haldi) in water and take bath with that water. This should be done on the first Thursday in Shukla Paksha of any month.

2. Put water, Gangajal and turmeric in a steel glass and offer equally to Banana Tree and Peepal Tree (Ficus religiosa). While offering the water chant the mantra ‘OM BHRIM BRIHASPATHAYE NAMAH’. This can be done on any Thursday.

3. Offer food to cows on any Thursday and pray to Gaumata for Shighra Vivaha.

4. Visit any Vaishnava Temple (like Lord Krishna Temple, Sri Rama Temple, Narasimha Swamy Temple, etc..) and offer Naivedya to the Lord. It should be done for four Thursdays consecutively.

5. Offer Laddus to Lord Ganesha and food to Gaumata on any Thursday.

6. Chant ‘Ganesha Sahasranama’ on every Thursday.

7. On Thursday, mix water, Gangajal, rice and milk; keep the glass under a Banyan tree and perform SEVEN Pradakshinas (circumambulations) to the tree.

Solutions for Vara (To be followed by unmarried boy)

1. Visit Hanuman Temple on every Tuesday and offer Naivedya to the Lord. ‘Jilebi’ is the preferred food item to be offered.

2. Wear ‘Spatika Mala’ in neck on any Friday.

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