Kanya Dosham

Kanya Dosha is a type of dosha which occurs due to insults made to females by the males during their past births. Kanya Dosham also would occur to a person, if he tortured his wife in his past birth, and as a result, his sins would continue even in the present birth.

Certain remedial measures are there to get rid from the Kanya Dosham, and it is best to recite the several names of Maa Durga with pure bhakti for several times in a day. They can also visit and worship Ma KanyaKumari Amman Temple, Kanyaka Parameshwari Amman Temple, Chottanikara Bhagavati Amman Temple and Renuka Parameswari Amman Temple.

Apart from that, those who suffer from Kanya Dosham, must offer sari, food and money to the homeless females, beggars, and destitute, and if possible, they can take care of them throughout their life by considering them like their own sisters. Unmarried persons those who suffer from Kanya Dosham must come forward to give life to poor, handicapped and orphaned girls or widows by marrying them, in order to reduce the severity of the Kanya Dosham. Apart from doing these activities, the sufferers of the Dosham must consider all the females as the aspects of Ma Shakti Devi, and they should never see them with a bad intention.

In this difficult Kaliyuga, people are regularly doing lot of bad activities, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and most of the crimes are caused due to lust. As per the sayings of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavat Gita, “Oh Partha, the main enemy of the humans is lust. Those who control lust can control all other bad habits. Lust only makes the person to do lot of bad things, and it generates lot of bad karmas to them. In order to conquer lust, people must have to cultivate the habit of developing more and more bhakti on me, and since by doing that, I would remove the bad feelings in their mind, and I would inculcate lot of Bhakti on their mind”.

At the present day world, lot of spinsters are there without getting married,either due to financial or due to some other problems. Males must come forward to marry those females who are depressed and suppressed in their lives, and must lit lamps on their lives. Compared to males, the lives of the females are somewhat more difficult and they must be very careful in their life, due to the prevailing tough situations in the world. The feeling of lust would make the people to commit rapes and it also would make them to commit physical abuse to the females and by doing that, they would have to suffer from severe Kanya Dosham in their present as well in their next births.

People must develop the habit of eating Sattvic pure vegetarian foods in order to control lust. Saints used to consume mostly fruits and milk, and they would ignore masala items on their food, in order to control lust.We must aim to only increase our good karmas and must remove bad karmas by worshipping the almighty and by the way of doing lot of good deeds in our lives.


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