Brahma Hatya Dosham | Brahmahathi Dosham | Brahma Hatya Paathakam

Brahmahathi Dosham (Brahma Hatya Dosham, Brahma Hatya Paathakam)  is one among the several kinds of Doshams like Naga Dosham, Navagraha Dosham and Pitru Dosham. Among the various Doshams, Brahmahathi Dosham is considered as very severe Dosham, and it would create lot of problems to the person who suffers from this Dosham. In general Brahmahathi Dosham […]

Navagraha Dosham

Navagraha Dosham occurs to a person, when the planets in his horoscope are found to be in an unfavourable positioning.It can be rectified to some extent by visiting the Navagraha Temples in Tamil Nadu, and also by reciting the Mantras of Ma Shakti Devi, since she is considered to be the controller of the Navagrahas, […]

Kanya Dosham

Kanya Dosha is a type of dosha which occurs due to insults made to females by the males during their past births. Kanya Dosham also would occur to a person, if he tortured his wife in his past birth, and as a result, his sins would continue even in the present birth. Certain remedial measures […]

Doshams – Navagraha Dosham, Pitru Dosham, Sarpa Dosham

Doshams are the sufferings faced by the humans due to certain bad karmic acts done in their previous births. Doshams are several types such as: Navagraha Dosham, Pitru Dosham, Sarpa Dosham etc. These doshams create lot of problems in the life of the people, and they would not be able to do their daily activities […]