Navagraha Dosham



Navagraha Dosham occurs to a person, when the planets in his horoscope are found to be in an unfavourable positioning.It can be rectified to some extent by visiting the Navagraha Temples in Tamil Nadu, and also by reciting the Mantras of Ma Shakti Devi, since she is considered to be the controller of the Navagrahas, and due to that, she is also called as Navagraha Nayaki.

The nine planets are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Those who suffer from Navagraha Dosham would suffer from lot of hardships in their life like unemployment problems, poor health problems and problems due to shortage of finance etc. These doshams can also be solved by performing Navagraha Homams in the temples, by appointing a suitable priest or a Vedic scholar for the performance of the Homans. These Pujas would bring peace of mind and we would be relieved from the diseases, and we would be able to lead our life comfortably and happily. Some of us would be having the doubt in our mind. Why such kind of problems occurs to the humans? And whether it can be stopped in the beginning stage itself?

All the human beings in the earth are controlled by the Navagrahas, and based on their past birth Karmic deeds things would go either smoothly or else would go hardly for them. No one can escape from the clutches of the Navagrahas, and in the Puranas, it was mentioned that even Lord Shiva was once been suffered from the clutches of Lord Saneeswara for a few minutes. Lord Hanuman cleverly got rid from the clutches of Lord Saneeswara by chanting the Rama Mantra. And it is suggested to worship Lord Hanuman and Lord Vinayaka, who didn’t suffer from the clutches of Shaneeswara, in order to reduce the severity of the Navagraha Dosham.

Once if we take birth in the earth, immediately we began to cry, and from then onwards we are keep on crying and crying till our death. Some would cry silently without expressing their sorrows before others, whereas some would cry loudly, and would make others to make notice of them. As per an ancient proverb, “till you live in this world, you have to face lot of challenges in the world, and there is no end for that, till the date of your death”.

Hence, instead of worrying about Navagraha Dosha, let us keep our entire thoughts on the beautiful boy Lord Krishna, and let us put all of our burdens on his shoulders.


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