Kanipaka Varasiddhi Vinayaka Bramhostavams – Annual Brahmotsavam in Kanipakam Ganapati temple

Kanipakam Ganapathi

Kanipakam Ganapathi

Kanipaka Varasiddhi Vinayaka Bramhotsavams or the annual Brahmotsavam of Kanipakam Ganapati temple is celebrated from Ganesh Chaturthi. Vinayaka Brahmotsav is celebrated for 20 days in Bhadrapada masam with utmost fervor and devotion.

In 2013, Ganapati Bramhotsavalu begins on September 9. During the Brahmotsavalu, Ganesh idol is taken out for procession in various vahanams (vehicles or carriages). To watch the festivity and to be blessed by Lord Ganesha, several thousands of devotees participate in the event.

There is a great tradition in Kanipakam Brahmotsavalu. During the 21 days of Bramhotsavam, on each day, devotees from each village surrounding Kanipakam, worship the Lord with their puja items. They bring water from wells and lakes in their village and perform Ganesh Puja on the day.

Main Events during Vinayaka Bramhotsavalu

Gramotsavam, Hamsa Vahanam seva (procession on Swan carriage), Nemali Vahanam seva (procession on peacock carriage), Mooshika Vahanam seva (procession on rat carriage), Sesha Vahanam seva (procession on Snake carriage), Vrishabha Vahanam seva (procession on bull carriage), Gaja Vahanam seva (procession on elephant carriage), Rathothsavam (Chariot festival), Thiru Kalyanam (Marriage of Lord Vinayaka) and Vadayathu Utsavam are the main events during Brahmotsavalu of Shri Kanipaka Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy.

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