Kanayannur Shiva Temples

In the region of Kanayannur Taluk in Ernakulam district in the state of Kerala are located many recent, medieval and ancient Lord Shiva temple. These temples can be visited by all the Hindu devotees and pilgrims on all festive occasion and Shivarathri.

In the village of Udayamperoor are located Manakkunnam Sree Siva Temple near Sree Krishna Temple at Udayamperoor, Sree Naaraayana Vallabha Siva Temple at  Puttankaav on Ernakulam – Vaikom road and Ekadasi Sree Perum Trikkovil Mahadeva Temple at Udayamperoor on Ernakulam – Vaikom road.

In the village of Maratu are located Pandavatt Sree Siva Temple at Kundannoor on Kundannoor road, Tiru Aini Sree Siva Temple near Maratu Bhagavati Temple and Nettoor Trikkayil Sree Mahadeva Temple near Nettoor INTUC Jn.

In the village of Kumbalam are located Trikkovil Sree Siva Temple at Panangaat,             Sree Kailaseswaram Siva Temple on Maatavana Panchaayat road, Udayattumvaatil Sree Parameswara Temple at Maatavana Jn, Cheppanam Koteswaram Sree Siva (Kiraata moorthy) Temple at Panangaat on Maatavana – Cheppanam Bund road.

In the town of Truppunittura are located Puttankulangara Sree Siva Temple near Puttankulangara stop on Truppunittura – Eroor road, Kappattikkaav Sree Guru Maheswara Temple at Kappattikkaav stop on Trippunittura – Eroor road, Sree Chakkamkulangara Siva Temple, Aalunkal Sree Siva Temple at Vellaangi Teruvu, Ettettil Sree Siva Temple on Putiyakaav stop on Truppunittura – Vaikom road, Kannankulangara Sree Siva Temple, Karotte ambalam, Siva Temple (Varikkasseri) and Varikkasseri Shri Mahadeva Temple.

Other ancient Lord Shiva temples of this region are Tirumaaraayikkulam Sree Siva Temple; at Tirumaaraayikkulam Ambalappati Jn. on Ernakulam – Piravam – Kanhiramattam road and Truppakkutam Sree Mahadeva Temple, Kulayettikkara (via) Kanhiramattam, near Kulayettikkara Jn.

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