Kanakadasa Keerthanas

Kanakadasa was a great music composer, saint and a singer, and he was the disciple of Sri Vyasaraja, and he lived during the reign of the Vijayanagar Emperor, Sri Krishna Devaraya. Before becoming a saint, he was a small ruler in Karnataka. Once, during a war, he was badly injured, and then he cried to his beloved Lord Kesava for help. Due to the grace of the Lord, his injuries was miraculously healed, and as per the orders of Lord Kesava, a form of Lord Vishnu, he has become a saint, and contributed lot of bhakti songs on Lord Vishnu. He was very much worried about caste discrimination and his songs reflect about his worries.

Some of the contents present in his songs are as follows:-

For Lord Kesava, there is no caste, creed and community, he considers all of his creations as equal and he never finds any partiality between them. But the upper class people in the earth find partiality between their fellow men, and they are highly criticising the low class people for their birth.

The lotus is being plucked from the dirty pond, but we are offering it to the almighty at the time of puja. But why the high class people are finding discrimination in castes, and why they are not giving proper respect to the lower class people?

The upper community people are drinking milk from the cow, which is taken out from the cow’s udder, but they are not thinking it as an untouchable thing. But they are considering the low caste people as untouchables and they are insulting them.

If we take the birth of our great Lord Krishna, he has born in the community of cowherds, but he was given proper respect by the upper caste people like Brahmins, and still he is worshipped as the supreme Lord. But why this upper caste people are ignoring us by considering as low class people?

If we take the birth of Ma Parvati, she was born to the Mountain king Himavan and his consort Mena, and she must be considered to be born in the tribal community, but she is worshipped as the mother goddess, and no one is considering about her caste. But then why the upper caste people are not allowing us to enter in the temples?

Lord Shiva is also resides in the mountain, and he is surrounded by divine ghosts, he also applies the ash all over the body, but people are not thinking about his caste, and they are worshipping him as the divine father. But in our case, we are not given sufficient privileges by the upper communities, and we have been considered as servants for them.

Oh My Lord Keshava, please change the attitude of the upper class people, and make them to consider us as alike, and let them give equal status to us, similar to them.


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