Kanakadasa Keerthanas

Kanakadasa was a great music composer, saint and a singer, and he was the disciple of Sri Vyasaraja, and he lived during the reign of the Vijayanagar Emperor, Sri Krishna Devaraya. Before becoming a saint, he was a small ruler in Karnataka. Once, during a war, he was badly injured, and then he cried to […]

Kanakadasa Jayanti

Kanakadasa Jayanti is an annual festival celebrated in Karnataka as the birth anniversary of Bhakta Kanakadasa, a 16th century Saint-poet. In 2014, Kanakadasa’s 520th Jayanti utsavams will be held in Karnataka on November 20th. It is a festival cerebrated by people of Karnataka in general and Kuruba Gowda community in particular. In tribute to the […]

Abhaya Saptami

Abhaya Saptami is celebrated in Shukla Paskah Saptami in each month. This Vrata is added significance when it is performed in Shravan Month. In 2013, Abhaya Saptami date is August 13, Tuesday. Sun God is offered special puja on this day. Devotees (performers) perform ritual bath in the early morning and should wear neat clothes. […]