Kalparambho Time 2022, Muhurat for Kalparambho in Durga Puja

Kalparambho Time 2022, Muhurat for Kalparambho in Durga Puja, Kalparambho on 1 October 2022, Timings of Kalparambho Pooja…

The sixth day of navaratri puja is known as Durga Puja Sashti or Maha Sashti. It is believed that it is on this day that Goddess Durga arrives to the mortal world from her heavenly abode along with her children. She is given a grand welcome with thousands of people singing and dancing to the beaths of drums.

Shashti Durga Puja – 1 October 2022, Saturday, – 14 Ashwin 1429

Kalparambha, Akal Bodhon, Amantran and Adhivas.

Kalparambho Shasthi Puja Time : 7:05 AM to 9:28 AM.

Bodhon, Amantran and Adhibas are performed in the evening.

On this day , the ritual of Kalaparambho is of great importance in the Bengali tradition. The five types of grains – rice, mung or whole green gram, til or sesame, mashkalai or any other variety of whole black leguminous seed , job or millet called the Panchashasha along with panchagobbo or the panchagaya which are the five items obtained from the cow – milk, ghee or clarified butter, curd, cow dung and gomutra is obtained for the ritual.

Along with these curds, honey, sugar and three bowls of madhupaka which is a mixture of honey curd , ghee and sugar , bhoger drobbadi, sugar cane juice are needed. An earthern bowl to cover the bowl of rice is also required.

After these materials are ready, puja items like vermillion, turmeric, bel patra and leaves of five trees -mango, pakur, banyan, betel and joggodumur and bark of five trees along with coconut is made ready for the puja. Then the pot is filled with holy water from the ganges or any other river and a few coins are put into this. Along with this a betel is also put inside and it is covered with a red cloth and a thread is tied around the neck of the pot. After this the pot is covered with the lid and rice is put on top of this.

Then the stage for the photo or idol of the Goddess is made ready by putting a red cloth on it and the puja is performed to the idol and also to the pot and the goddess is invoked into the pot. Thereafter the goddess remains in the pot for the remaining days. The goddess is dressed in a saree and decorated with various ornaments. The food items is later distributed as prasad among the devotees.

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