Kalashtami 2012, Monthly Kalashtami Vrata 2012 dates

Kalashtami (Kalabhairavashtami) is an auspicious vrat dedicated to Lord Shiva, observed on the Ashtami after the Purnima in Hindu calendar i.e. Krishna Paksha Astami.

Pitru Tharpan and Pinda daan (special rituals to dead ancestors) are also performed to please the dead souls.

Kalashtami vrat is observed mainly in Maharashtra and some other western parts of India. Maha Kalbhairav Jayanti (Mahakaal Bhairav Ashtami) is the most auspicious Kalashtami as it is the Jayanti of Lord Kalbhairav.

It is observed in Karthik Month as per Marathi calendar & Margashirsha Month as per Margashirsha Month. Here is the list of Monthly Kalashtami dates in 2012..

Kalashtami in Poush Month: January 16, 2012, Monday

Kalashtami in Magh Month: February 14, 2012, Thursday

Kalashtami in Falgun Month: March 14, 2012, Wednesday

Kalashtami in Chaitra Month: April 13, 2012, Friday

Kalashtami in Vaishakh Month: May 12, 2012, Saturday

Kalashtami in Jyeshta Month: June 11, 2012, Monday

Kalashtami in Ashada Month: July 11, 2012, Wednesday

Kalashtami in Shravan Month: August 9, 2012, Thursday

Kalashtami in Adhik Bhadrapad Month: September 8, 2012, Saturday

Kalashtami in Bhadrapada Month: October 8, 2012, Monday

Kalashtami in Ashwina Maas: November 7, 2012, Wednesday

Kalashtami in Kartika Maas: December 6, 2012, Thursday – Kalbhairav Jayanti

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