A Kalasha, is a metal pot usually filled up with a coconut, along with mango leaves and some flowers.

Kalasha is used in Hindu rituals and a it is also called as Purna-Kumbha, which means the pot covered with full of sacred items. Kalasha also contains things like coins, grain and gold, or it would be merely filled up with water. The Kalasha is also considered as a holy object in Jainism. The Kalasha would be mostly used in household functions and in marriage and in other auspicious festivals.

The significance of Kalasha is mentioned in Vedas. Puja done using Kalasha is believed to bring great prosperity to us. The Kalasha can be found in the hands of Lord Brahma, Lakshmi Devi and also in the hands of the first god Lord Vinayaka. In ancient times, the kings would offer their respects to the learned saints by placing the Golden Kalasha on the back of their elephant, and it would put garland on the neck of the saints. And sometimes the saints also would get seated in the elephant.

The Kalasha is honoured during the times of festivals like Griha Pravesha and while doing ritual yagnas at the homes or in the temples.

The holy Kalasha represents the five elements, the earth, fire, water, air and sky. Kalasha is widely used in ancient festivals. During the time of marriage of Lord Venkateshwara and Ma Padmavathi, lot of holy Kalash as filled up with sacred river water was used in performing the marriage event successfully.

Lord Dhanvantri when he was formed at the time of churning of milk ocean, brought a Kalasha of Amirtha, the divine nectar, and it is believed that he is the one who was first introduced the Kalasha to the world.

Whenever we celebrate important festivals, without using Kalasha, we cannot complete the ceremony in a proper manner. It is believed that Kalasha is an aspect of Ma Lakshmi Devi, and hence let us use Kalasha during the performance of puja on normal days and also on festival days, and let us prosper in our life.


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