Ghatasthapana 2015, Kalasha Sthapana during Navratri Durga Pooja

Ghatasthapana 2015, Kalasha Sthapana in 2015 during Navratri Durga Pooja on October 13, 2015.

Ghatasthapana or Kalash Sthapana or Kalasha Puja is the first and foremost event during Durga Puja. In 2015, Ghatsthapana (Kalashsthapana) date in Durga Navratri Puja is October 13. On October 13th, with Kalsha Puja, Durga Navratri Mahotsav will be started for the year 2015.

Auspicious Time for Ghatasthapana – 6.20 AM to 10.10 AM on 13 October 2015

Note – In many Telugu calendars, Kalasha Sthapana Muhurtham is given on 14 October 2015. According to Telugu Panchangams, the auspicious muhurtham for Kalasha Sthapana on 14 October is – 6.03 AM to 9.57 AM.

Abhijit Muhurat – 13 October 2015

Time of Abhijit Muhurat for Ghatasthapana – from 11:49 AM to 12:36 PM

Rahu Kaala Kalasha Sthapana Muhurat Time – from 3:06 PM to 4:33 PM

Gulika Kaala Kalasha Sthapana Time – from 12:13 PM to 1:39 PM

Muhurat for Ghata sthapana according to Choghadiya – 13 October 2015

Shubh Chogadiya Time – 3:17 PM to 4:44 PM – Auspicious Muhurat

Char Chogadiya Time – 9:30 AM to 10:57 AM – Auspicious Muhurat

Labh Chogadiya Time – 10:57 AM to 12:24 PM – Auspicious Muhurat

Amrit Chogadiya Time – 12:24 PM to 1:50 PM – Auspicious Muhurat

Panchang, Navratri Ghatasthapana – 13 October 2015

Suryodayam (Sunrise) 06:26 Suryastamaya (Sunset) 17:59
Chandrodayam (Moonrise) 06:28 Chandrastama (Moonset)18:24

Today’s Panchangam
Paksha (Fortnight) Krishna Paksha
Tithi (Lunar Day) Pratipada – Full Night
Nakshatra Chitra – 28:38*
Yoga Vaidhriti – 23:17
Karana Bava – Full Night

Today’s Panchang
Purnimanta Month Ashwin
Amavasyanta Month Ashwin
Shaka Samvatsara: Manmadha
Vikram Samvat Varsha: Kilaka
Rahu Kalam: 15:06 – 16:33
Gulika Kalam: 12:13 – 13:39
Yama Gandam: 09:19 – 10:46

Today’s Rashi
Ravi Rashi (Sun Sign) Kanya
Chandra Rashi (Moon Sign) Kanya – 15:11:39

Auspicious Time
Amrita Kalam 21:27 – 23:15
Abhijit: 11:49 – 12:36

Time to Avoid
Varjyam Kalam 10:40 – 12:28
Durmuhurthams: 22:58 – 23:48

How to do Kalash Puja for Durga Navaratri Pooja?

Kalash is prepared with a copper or bronze pot and pour pure water in it. Place some akshata, flowers and mango leaves in the water. Decorate the Kalash or ghata with turmeric power, vermilion powder, and sandalwood powder. Draw Swastika or Om or Trishul on the Kalasham.

Recite the mantra for Kalashamand and install the kalasha at Durga pooja place or pandal. In some places, Kalasha is installed and kalash puja is performed everyday during Navratri. In some places, Kalash puja is performed on the first day or on Ashwin Padyami day and the Kalasha remains unmoved till the end of the pooja on Mahanavami or Vijaya Dashami.

In some places, on Mahalaya Amavasya, the day before Kalasha Sthapana, Brahmin Santarpana is done.

Kalasha Sthapana Vidhi

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