Kalaratri | Goddess Kaalratri Navadurga



Kalaratri, also called as Kaalratri Navadurga, is the seventh aspect of Navdurga. Goddess Kalaratri is the Shakti worshipped on seventh day during Durga Navaratri. In 2021, Kalaratri pooja date (Durga Saptami / Maha Saptami) is October 13.

Mother Kaldatri destroys the demons, devils, daanava, daitya, asura and all other wicked.

All bhoota, pretha, pisacha will run away when a devotee remembers the name of Kalaratri. Bur she is always auspicious in her effect hence she is also called as Shubhankari.

Appearance or iconography of Kalaratri Mata:

Apperance and iconography of Kalaratri nadvdurga mata is very frightening to look at. Kalratri mata has a dark and black body complexion and disheveled hair.

A necklace adorned in her neck flashes like lightening. Kaladatri has three eyes hence known as Trinetri. Terrible flames come out when she exhales air through her nostrils. Vehicle or vahanam of Kaladatri is a donkey.

Maa Kalaratri has four arms hence called as Chaturbhuji. In her left upper hand she carries a sharp thorn-like iron weapon. Her lower left hand holds a dagger.

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