Kalabhairavashtami 2022 in Sringeri Temple: Kala Bhairavashtami Festival

Kalabhairavashtami or Kala Bhairavashtami festival is celebrated in grand manner in South Indian temples.

As per South Indian calendars, Kalabhairavashtami 2022 date is November 30. It is much more jubilant festival in Sringeri Sharada Peetham temple in Karnataka. Sri Jagadguru Shankaracharya performs special puja to Lord kalabhairava in the hillock in Narasimha Vanam. In the evening Deepotsava is held at the temple in the presence of Shri Jagadguru.

Ashtavadana seva is one of the most observed rituals on Kala Bhairavashtami in the temple. Ashtavadana seva is offered to the Lord by chanting Kalabhairava Ashtakam. Sri Jagadguru swamy distribute Prasada to all devotees after the puja.

This festival is celebrated on Krishna Paksha Ashtami in Margashirsha month. It is to note that Kalabhairavashtami or Mahakaal Jayanti is observed a month earlier in North India.

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  1. Ramesh Kumar M.G says:

    Could you tell me where the most powerful Kala Bhairava Temple exists in Karnataka and in India./ This information is most wanted and people are desperately searching for it.

    Ramesh Kumar, kama_sutra_tours@yahoo.com

  2. Ramesh Kumar M.G says:

    Could you also let me know where in South India, the spirits possessing or clinging to mankind on account of various doshas, are relieved and ridden once for ever, however be the magnitude of the impending dosha.

    People have been fleecing poor patients afflicted with a lot of money, but nothing seems to work.

    Cud some very enlightened and highly qualified person enlighten me on them for a simple remedy.

  3. Ramesh Kumar M.G says:

    Who is the most reliable priest in Rameshwaram who can perform the Pitru Shanti for removal of Pitru Doshas?

    He should not be like a leech, trying to grab as much money and leaving us to lurch for ourselves.

    He should guide and be competent to perform it in a good way so as to be releived of the Dosha

    After the Pitru Shanti, TILA HOME, needs to be performed so that the Pitrus get a boost to go to a better state of existence.

    What are the procedures for TILA HOME?
    How much does it cost ?
    How many Avartis of Chanting need to be done ?
    The more number of chants, the more is the cost, I believe.
    So, depending on the Chants, fancy prices are fixed.

    Do let me know of cost of releiving Pitru Dosha Shanti in Rameshwaram

    Recommend a sincere, honest, reliable one.

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