Kalabhairavar Temples in Tamil Nadu

Here is the list of Kalabhairavar Swamy Temples in Tamil Nadu. Ashta Bhairavar at Sri Kamanada Eswar temple, Bhairava Moorthi ( Bhairava Natha Moorthi) Temple, Bhairavar Temple in Vairavan Patti, and Bhairaveswarar Temple in Cholapuram in Kumbakonam are the famous Kalabhairava Swamy Temples in Tamil Nadu..

Here are the full details of the temples…

  1. Ashta Bhairavar at Sri Kamanada Eswar temple in Aragalur in Tamil Nadu.
  2. Bhairava Moorthi ( Bhairava Natha Moorthi) Temple in Morepalayam in Tiruchengodu Thaluk in Namakkal District in Tamil Nadu
  3. Bhairavar Temple in Vairavan Patti in Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu.
  4. Bhairaveswarar Temple in Cholapuram in Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu.
  5. Kala Bhairava Temple in courtalam in Tamil Nadu
  6. Kala Bhairavar Temple in Pogular village in Gudiyattam Town in Tamil Nadu in (3000 years old in surrounded by mountains )
  7. Kalabhairav Temple at Adhiyaman Kottai in Dharampuri district in Tamil Nadu
  8. Konguvadukanatha Swami in Kundadam in Dharapuram in Tamil Nadu
  9. Sri Kala Bhairava Temple pogular village gudiyattam Tamil Nadu
  10. Sri Swarna Kala Bhairavar Peedam in Kaga Ashram in Thiruvannamalai in Tamil nadu
  11. Sri Vairavamoorthy in Illupaikudi Temple in Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu

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  1. Sheela says:

    • sri kala bhairav temple pogular village gudiyattam tamil nadu

  2. Amritkala says:

    Sri Swarna Kala Bhairavar Temple Kaga Ashram Thiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu

  3. Kripal says:

    Kaala Bhairavar Temple Pogular village Gudiyattam Town Tamil Nadu