Significance of Kalabhairava Ashtakam



Kala Bhairava Ashtakam is written in Sanskrit, and it is a famous Ashtakam, which is written by Sri AdiSankara. The hymn mentions the spiritual significance of Kala Bhairava, who dwells in the famous city ofKashi.

Kala Bhairavalooks very attractive, and appears in black in colour, contains a very bold face, and looks naked, and his body was covered with full of snakes, skull garlands, and contains powerful weapons on his hands. He controlsthe ghosts and evil forces, and act as a guardian deity for his devotees.

Those who recite the Kala Bhairavashtakam,would get peace and prosperity and enlightenment, and they attain the feet of Lord Bhairava after their death.

The contents present in the Kalabhairavashtakam are as follows:

My humble Salutations to Sri Kalabhairava,whose LotusFeet was gently pressed by Lord Indra, the King of the Demi gods in the heaven, and he is very kind towards his devotees, and he is praised by Rishi Narada, Markandeya and by the Vishnu Devotees, Prahalada and Dhruva.

My humble Salutations to Sri Kalabhairava Who contain the brightness equivalent to Million Suns, and he is the one who rescues us from the Ocean of life.

He is also called as Neelakanta, since he has a Blue Throat, and he relieves us from worldly pleasures and would grant salvation to us.

Lord Kalabhirava is the Guru for ShaniDev, and controls Lord Yama.Let him remove us from death related fear, miseries and sorrows, and let him make us into pure and pious.

My humble salutations to Sri Kalabhairava,who contains divine weapons like Trident and Noosein his Hands and who is the protector of the Universe, and he is a great cosmic dancer.

My humble Salutations to Sri Kalabhairava who is the chief deity of Kashi, and who sincerely loves his devotees, and gives them spiritual bliss.

My humble Salutations to Sri Kalabhairava Who had established Dharma in this universe, and who is the wish fulfiller of his sincere devotees, and he would insist us to do goodKarma, remove the confusions in our mind, and would give a strong body with a long life.

My humble Salutations to Sri Kalabhairava, who acts like the Kula Devata and the IshtaDevata for his devotees, and he is the one, who is beyond our imagination with regard to his supreme powers.

My humble Salutations to Sri Kalabhairava, who would remove our sins,give mental relaxation, and grant innumerable powers to us. He would lead us in the path of Righteousness and would come with us throughout our life.


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