Kailasanathar Nithyakalyani Amman Temple, Tiruppattur

Sri Kailasanathar Nithyakalyani Amman Temple is a most famous temple situated at Tiruppattur, Tamil Nadu. In this temple, the marriage between Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati takes place on a daily basis, and processions of the Utsava deities also takes place regularly. It is believed that once the marriage between Shiva and Parvati originally took place at the present place of this temple.

Ancient Shaivite Saints have sung beautiful bhakti songs in praise of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati at this temple, and they have sanctified the glories of the Divine couple. Here Lord Shiva is known as Sri Kailasanathar and Ma Parvati is known as Nithyakalyani, and apart from the main shrines, few other shrines of other deities are also present inside the temple.

This temple was built by an ancient king, it was subsequently renovated by few other kings, and consecration ceremony also took place at this temple. This temple is famous for performing marriages, and we can see lot of devotees conducting marriages at this temple, with the belief, that their marriage life would go much stronger through the grace of Shiva and Parvati. Newly wedded couples would visit this temple for longevity and for leading a peaceful and a blessed married life.

Nowadays, we can find separations between married couples, and this happens mainly due to lack of understanding between each other. Those couples who frequently quarrel with each other are supposed to visit and worship this famous Shiva-Shakti temple, in order to put an end to their clashes and misunderstanding and to develop strong bondage with each other. Celestial Devas like Indra and Chandra also visited this temple, and performed puja to the deities with the divine flowers.

Some couples used to celebrate the festival Karadayan Nombu at this temple, by bringing the Karadayan Nombu Adai from their homes, and they used to feed those Adais with one and another by exchanging sweet words with a lovely smile, and some of the couples would even read the wonderful story of the pious couple, Ma Savitri and Sri Satyavan at this temple.

But at this present situation, in this difficult Kaliyuga, though it is very difficult to sustain in our marriage life, however, with the grace of Sri Nithyakalyani Amman Samedha Sri Kailasanathar, we could make even the impossible things into possible, by leading a happy married life for ever.


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