Kadirkamam Murugan Temple, Sri Lanka

Murugan worship was prevalent even during the Vedic period, and the significance of Lord Murugan was mentioned in the ancient Sangam Literature, which dates back to the first century AD. Lord Murugan was worshipped by some ancient Tribal people, as the tribal god Mayan, by considering him to be the lovely consort of his tribal consort Ma Valli. Murugan worship was also prevalent in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia, since ancient Tamil people were settled down in large numbers in those countries.

Arulmigu Katargama or Kadirkamam Murugan Temple is a famous temple dedicated for Lord Muruga and it is situated in Srilanka. Murugan Devotees from all over the world used to visit this famous Murugan Temple. Most of the Local devotees used to visit this temple by the way of walk. Here Lord Muruga is worshipped in the name of “SINGARAVELAR”, which means handsome Lord Muruga who contains the divine spear on his hand.

This temple is also considered to be a tourist spot, where people whoever visits Srilanka, used to visit this popular Murugan Temple. Murugan devotees consider this temple similar to the sacred temples like Somnath, Kasi and Rameswaram, and would gather in large numbers during the festivals like Thai Pournami, Aadi month, Vaikasi Visakam, Chitra Pournami, Karthigai Pournami and during the auspicious Thai Poosam day. Nearby this temple, small Temples for his brother Lord Ganesa, and to his consorts, Ma Valli and Ma Devasena are also available.

Those who have visited had found great divine vibration which prevails throughout the temple. Some of the devotees even used to dance, laugh and sing songs on Lord Muruga out of their great happiness and peace of mind. There is a sacred Temple Tank situated nearby this temple, and it is known as “MANICKA GANGA”. Murugan devotees like Sri Arunagiri Nathar had sung songs in praise of ‘Sri KADIRKAMAM MURUGAN TEMPLE’.

Some of those wonderful songs are as follows:-

1.The meaning for the word beautiful is Lord Muruga who dwells at his Kadirkamam Temple, since he seems to be very beautiful at this sacred temple.

2.You are the one who have settled down in the abode of Palani Hills in naked form, you are the one who has defeated and killed the great demon Surapadman, you are the one who safeguards us through your divine spear (“VEL”).

3.Those who apply the sacred ash of Lord Muruga, would be relieved from their sins and diseases, and those who visit the Holy Kadirkamam Temple of Lord Muruga are to be considered as the visitors of the great “SKANDA LOKA” itself!

4.Let’s perform holy bath on the Manicka Ganga Pond, by considering it as the Divine River “Sri Saravana Poigai in order to burn our sins and also to attain salvation.

5.Oh Lord Muruga, I would never forget you, since I consider you as my beloved god.

6.Oh Lord Muruga, I would never spend a single day, without chanting your wonderful names and divine mantras.

7.You are the great consort of Ma Valli and Ma Devasena, once if we think about you, our heart would melt down. Please remove the troubles and turmoil of the people in the earth in this difficult Kali Yuga.

8.You are the affectionate brother of the fat bellied and the elephant headed god Lord Ganapati, you are the head of the Devas, and you are the pious son of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati.

9.Oh Lord Muruga, you are governing the entire universe in a wonderful manner. Those who approach you by visiting your temples would attain great divinity, sanctity and purity.

10.Oh my Lord Muruga, people forgets you since they live in their dream world, please remove their worldly illusions and make them to realize about you.

11.By worshipping the six headed god Arumuga who contains twelve arms, all of our problems would come to an end.

12.Oh Lord Muruga, I have sought refuge under your lotus feet, through great devotion, hereafter, no one could separate us, since I love you so much!

13.Lord Muruga would come with us in all walks of our life like our shadow.

14.Oh Lord Muruga, who appears like a bar of gold, you are my sweet heart, you are everything for me, you are the leader for the entire world, you are highly efficient, you are the Divine Guru, you are highly knowledgeable and your powers are extraordinary!

15.By worshipping your Divine spear, we gets relieved from our sins, by thinking about your divine peacock, we gets relieved from fear.

16.I consider that worshipping your Divine Spear is my first and foremost duty.

17.Oh Lord Muruga, you are the fire god Agni Bhagavan and gives light to the world, you are the wind god Lord Vayu, and gives air to the entire world, you are the earth goddess, Ma Bhumi Devi, who helps us to get proper food grains, you are the Surya and Chandra, who makes the world to shine brightly, you are Lord Varuna, who gives sufficient water and quenches our thirst, you are the great Lord Indra, who showers rain in the seasons, you are Lord Rama and Krishna who has established the Dharma in the world.

18.Oh Lord Muruga, you are the son of the matter hair god Shiva, you are the son of the fish eyed goddess Uma Devi, you are the powerful king Prahalada who has established “BHAKTI” on the minds of the people, you are the great Dhruva, who shines brightly on the skies, you are the Parandama, Lord Vishnu, who protects the entire world, you are the four headed god Brahma, who wonderfully discharges his creation work, you are the powerful Lord Indra, the god of heavens.


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