Jupiter Transit 2019-2020 for Aries | Mesha Rashi Guru Peyarchi Palangal

Jupiter Transit 2019-2020 for Aries, Mesha Rashi Guru Peyarchi Palangal 2019-2020. Jupiter Transit Predictions for Mesha Rashi. Guru Peyarchi Palan 2019-2020 for Aries Moon sign. What is the effect of Guru Peyarchi on Mesha Rashi?

The Nakshatrams – Ashwini Nakshatram, Bharani Nakshatram and Krittika Nakshatra natives are categorised under Mesha Rashi (Aries Moon sign).

Guru Peyarchi will be taking place on 5 November 2019 as per some Tamil calendars and South Indian calendars. It differs as per the Panchangams like Thirukkanitha Panjangam, Suddha Vaakkiya Panjangam, Drik Siddhantha Panchangam, Purva Siddhantha Panchangam, etc.. depending on whichever is practically convenient.

Guru Bhagavan, Jupiter, is transiting from Vrischika Rashi (Scorpio) to Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius). Guru stays in Dhanu Rashi till 20 November 2020. Guru Bhagavan is moving into your 9th house from the 8th place. (9th House Jupiter Transit).

Effects of Jupiter Transit 2019-2020 on Mesha Rashi Natives

General Predictions

In Guru Bhagavan Gochara of 2019-2020, Mesha Rashi natives might have had a good time “When Jupiter transits in the 9th sign, the natives of Mesha Rashi will have good time than previous transit. And Mesha Rashi natives will enjoy the Benefic Guru. Jupiter is moving into favorable 9th house of Bhagya Sthanam.”

Guru Gochara 2019-2020 indicates that Jupiter is entering into your 9th House (Navama Guru). Though, Saturn’s unfavorable placement and in upcoming Saturn transit may cause some upset, this Jupiter transit tries to reduce that bad effects for some extent.


The previous Jupiter transit might have caused you a lot of emotional trauma. For last couple of months (August, September and October 2019), you would have faced more problems. Almost all of your health sufferings will come to an halt from November 2019 as Jupiter aspects your Janma Rashi. As Jupiter placed in favorable place, you may get a permanent solution for your long term ailments.

Your family members will also enjoy good health. Family tours like pilgrimages will help you and your family members to regain the good health in shorter period of time.

Chanting and listening to Aditya Hridayam, Hanuman Chalisa, Shiva Chalisa, etc will help you mitigate any negative effects.

Family Relations / Domestic Affairs

Your testing times are over in terms of family and relationships. Healing may take some time but the problems are almost over. If you have got any jolt for your name and fame during the previous Jupiter transit, then you have to wait till the first quarter of next year i.e. January 2020. That will be the possible turning point in the events that defamed you.

Jupiter in 9th house for Mesha Rashi is a good period to regain faith and trust among family members. You may witness a sharp decrease in family politics. It is good time for any auspicious functions like marriage, house warming function, baby shower, etc.

Education / Studies

The last one year of failures and normal grades will over. The emotional turmoil and humiliating experiences will come to an end. The 9th house Jupiter will help you get back to your best. All the bad habits will go away as emotionally you become strong and dedicated.

You may realize your past mistakes. Next one year will be good time for you in studies. You easily get admission into good colleges or universities in 2020. Support from new friends or colleagues is inevitable. Masters / M.Phil / Research fellows / Ph.D. students will get their thesis approved in late 2020 and complete their course.

Career / Job / Work

As Postponements, disappointments and other work related problems would have troubled you for last one year as Ashtama Guru prevailed in last one year. This transit will put an end to all of it.

You will enjoy good career growth and promotions. Support from colleagues and officers will help you reach your career destination.

Finance / Money

This Jupiter transit will be exactly opposite of previous transit. As you have experienced financial instability in 2018-2019, you will experience financial stability from now onwards.

It is a good time for stock market trading, commodity trading, gambling or lotteries. But be careful about investments.


Even in business front, Mesha Rashi natives will face a growing phase with this Jupiter transit. Competitors, business partners, dealers, distributors, retailers, employees, customers, from every corner of business, you will get support.

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  1. Lunar says:

    Only Hindu astrologers would instill fear and worry hence why our generations have been plagued with ugly outcomes again and again. There is no such thing as bad times if all we are here to do is experience life, putting things in positive perspective of what each planets can benefit will help all your readers to a greater level in turn you will derive the same energy back. Rethink your position and make changes on people’s life in a positive way. Fear = devil.

  2. G K Mani says:

    Is there any Rule that people should not pluck the Maredu Leaves on Mondays for performing SIVA Puja?

    Also, clarify whether people can have their Pradakshanas for Navagrahas after sunset? Is there any prohibitive times?

  3. Logeswaran says:

    Every where i read about mesham rashi is good.but right after guru peyarchi im having a worse situation.

  4. Arasu Mathi says:

    Pls tell me how guru peryarchi will be for me.
    Date of birth: January 13, 1962 7.35 pm Jaffna, Sri Lanka

  5. captTRajkumar Retd says:

    Good assessment and overall seen and experienced for me. Yes, a difficult year is seen so far. Prayers for relief , Rgds ,TR

  6. Anjali says:

    Is this 2018/19 or 2019/2020 predictions? The title is wrong and misleading as this is old news!