Jupiter Transit 2022-2023 for Aries | Mesha Rashi Guru Peyarchi Palangal



Jupiter Transit 2022-2023 for Aries, Mesha Rashi Guru Peyarchi Palangal 2022-2023. Jupiter Transit Predictions for Mesha Rashi. Guru Peyarchi Palan 2022-2023 for Aries Moon sign. What is the effect of Guru Peyarchi on Mesha Rashi?

The Nakshatrams – Ashwini Nakshatram, Bharani Nakshatram and Krittika Nakshatra natives are categorised under Mesha Rashi (Aries Moon sign).

Guru Peyarchi will be taking place on 13 April 2022 as per some Tamil calendars and South Indian calendars. It differs as per the Panchangams like Thirukkanitha Panjangam, Suddha Vaakkiya Panjangam, Drik Siddhantha Panchangam, Purva Siddhantha Panchangam, etc.. depending on whichever is practically convenient.

Guru Bhagavan, Jupiter, is transiting from Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius Sign) to Meena Rashi (Pisces Sign). Guru stays in Kumbha Rashi till 21 April 2023. Guru Bhagavan is moving into your 12th house from the 11th place (12th House Jupiter Transit).

Effects of Jupiter Transit 2022-2023 on Mesha Rashi Natives

For Mesha Rashi, Jupiter is transiting to 12th house (Viraya Sthana) from 11th house (Labha Sthana). From a great phase in terms of Guru Gochara, you are coming into a not-so-good phase. Unwanted experiences will hurt you in this phase. Psychological health also may get affected due to some unavoidable functions at home or of nearest relatives or at close friends.

Rahu in your Janma Rashi and Ketu in your 7th house will affect health and relationship matters respectively. Saturn’s transit through 10th and 11th house, will also be not that great for Mesha Rashi.

Health Predictions for Mesha Rashi Jupiter Transit 2022-2023

This transition of Guru is not so auspicious for your health. Even though there are no major concerns, you may feel stressed due to circumstances and not get proper sleep. Along with this, your family members including your spouse may fall sick due to the effect of Ketu. You have to be careful and take appropriate precautions in order to avoid health complications. However, you can expect some relief after January 2023.

Family Predictions for Mesha Rashi Jupiter Transit 2022-2023

This Guru transition will bring mixed results for your family life. While there are some auspicious moments in your family, you are bound to have some conflicts with your spouse and their family members. This can give you some stress and also affect your health. The third quarter is not so conducive for family life while the remaining period looks okay. Avoid arguments with your spouse to maintain peace in the family.

Marriage and Relationship Predictions for Mesha Rashi Jupiter Transit 2022-2023

This year is conducive for marriage provided you take the right decisions at the right time. It is important to take quick decisions in the next few months as the period after July is not suitable for marriage. After that, you may have to wait till January 2023 to get the suitable muhurat. The next few months are very good and you may be able to find the suitable partner. Your love life is likely to get affected in the second half of this year.

Career Predictions for Mesha Rashi Jupiter Transit 2022-2023

You will have to face challenges for most part of the year as Guru is not strong after few months. You have to make the best efforts in the next few months and settle down in your career. The period between October and January is not good and you may face troublesome situations. However, things will improve after January 2023 and bring good growth.

Finance Predictions for Mesha Rashi Jupiter Transit 2022-2023

Your financial situation looks good for most part of the year. Your expenses will be more but most of it will go towards auspicious events in your family. You have to be careful after October as things can turn against you in many ways. Keep a low profile for few months till January 2023 to get back on track. If you are able to maintain good control over your expenses, you will be able to move ahead in this year.

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  1. Lunar says:

    Only Hindu astrologers would instill fear and worry hence why our generations have been plagued with ugly outcomes again and again. There is no such thing as bad times if all we are here to do is experience life, putting things in positive perspective of what each planets can benefit will help all your readers to a greater level in turn you will derive the same energy back. Rethink your position and make changes on people’s life in a positive way. Fear = devil.

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    Is there any Rule that people should not pluck the Maredu Leaves on Mondays for performing SIVA Puja?

    Also, clarify whether people can have their Pradakshanas for Navagrahas after sunset? Is there any prohibitive times?

  3. Logeswaran says:

    Every where i read about mesham rashi is good.but right after guru peyarchi im having a worse situation.

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    Pls tell me how guru peryarchi will be for me.
    Date of birth: January 13, 1962 7.35 pm Jaffna, Sri Lanka

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    Good assessment and overall seen and experienced for me. Yes, a difficult year is seen so far. Prayers for relief , Rgds ,TR

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    Is this 2018/19 or 2019/2020 predictions? The title is wrong and misleading as this is old news!