Jhulelal Jayanti 2021 date



13 April 2021 is Jhulelal Jayanti. Jhulelal Jayanti is the birthday of the God of Sindhi people, Jhulelal (Dariyal, Jinda Pir, Uderolal Jhulelal). It is observed on Cheti Chand, the second day of Chaitra Month in Sindhi calendar.

Lord Jhulelal is the Ishta Dev / Ishta Devata of Sindhi people. Cheti Chand is also celebrated as the Sindhi New Year.

Usually, Jhulelal is represented as a bearded old man sitting on a lotus flower that rests on Palla fish in Sindhu river. He holds rosary in one hand and sometimes even a sacred text. He wears white cloths and golden crown on his head.

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