Marathi New Year 2012, Gudhi Padwa in Maharashtra

Gudhi Padwa is the Marathi New Year day as per traditional Marathi Panchang followed in Maharashtra, and some konkan regions. Gudhi Padwa 2012 date is March 23. It is the first day (Pratipada) of first month Chaitra mahina. It is believed that on this day Lord Brahma created the Universe. In Konkan regions, Gudhi Padva is known as Sanvar Padvo or Samvatsar Padvo. As per traditional Shalivahan Shaka calendar or Shaka calendar 2012-2013 is the year 1934. In Hindu years, 2012-2013 is Sri Nandana nama Samvatsar. Gudi Padwa is known as Samsar Padvo or Sansar Padva in Goa.

Gudhi Padva is also known as one of the Sade teen muhurat as in Hinduism. Brahma Puja is the major ritual during the festival and it also commemorates the coronation of Lord Rama after his return to Ayodhya from 14 years of Aranya vaas (exile period).

In Andhra Pradesh, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada is celebrated as Ugadi or Telugu New Year and in Karnataka as Kannada New Year. Sindhi people celebrate Sindhi New Year or Cheti Chand on Chait Pratipada.

Here, you can download Marathi Kalnirnay 2012 or Marathi Dindarshika 2012 for free.

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