Jhulelal Jayanti 2023 date

22 March 2023 is Jhulelal Jayanti. Jhulelal Jayanti is the birthday of the God of Sindhi people, Jhulelal (Dariyal, Jinda Pir, Uderolal Jhulelal). It is observed on Cheti Chand, the second day of Chaitra Month in Sindhi calendar. Lord Jhulelal is the Ishta Dev / Ishta Devata of Sindhi people. Cheti Chand is also celebrated […]

Cheti Chand 2023 | Sindhi New Year Day

Cheti Chand 2023, Sindhi New Year 2023 date. When is Cheti Chand in 2023? Cheti Chand in 2023 date. In 2023, Cheti Chand date is March 22. Chetti Chand is the Sindhi New Year Day celebrated on the second day of Cheti month, Chaitra month. Cheti Chand (Chetti Chand) is the Sindhi New Year Day […]

Sant Jhulelal Jayanti

Sant Jhulelal Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Ishtadev of Sindhi community who is also referred to as Dariyalal or Zinda Pir. In 2020, Sant Jhulelal Jayanti date is March 26. Jhulelal Jayanti also marks the beginning of Sindhi Tipni (Sindhi calendar) and thus the Sindhi New Year. It falls on the Dwitiya of Shukla […]

Cheti Chand, 11 April 2013 (Sindhi New Year, Jhulelal Jayanti)

Today, 11 April 2013 is Cheti Chand, Sindhi New Year, Sant Jhulelal Jayanti. Generally, it falls on the first or the second day of Chaitra Month as per Sindhi Calendar (Sindhi Tipno). In some places, Cheti Chand 2013 is celebrated on 12 April. Cheti Chand festival is similar to other Hindu New Year festivals like Ugadi (Telugu […]

Cheti Chand (Jhulelal Jayanti), 24 March 2012

Today, 24 March 2012 is Cheti Chand (Jhulelal Jayanti) or Sindhi New Year. It is observed on the second day of Chaitra Month as per Sindhi Calendar. It is also celebrated as Sant Jhulelal Jayanti. Sant Jhulelal is the Ishtadevata (Community God) of Sindhi people. Here are the wishes for Cheti Chand…. The Sindhi New […]