Janardan Swami | Guru of Sant Eknath

Janardan Swami (1504-1575) was a bhakti poet and saint. He was the guru of the famous Saint Eknath, a famous devotee of Lord Panduranga, a form of Lord Krishna. His works were written in Marathi and Hindi language. Janardan Swami was born in a Brahmin family at Maharashtra, and he was an ardent devotee of Lord Dattatreya.

Once Swami had got the division vision of Lord Dattatreya inside a cave at Daulatabad and discussed about spiritual matters. Janardan Swami had disciples from various castes, communities and religions. Eknath, Ramajanardana and Jani janardana are his main disciples.

He used to regularly visit the Triyambakeshwar Shiva temple, near Nashik, Maharashtra.

He is very famous for writing devotional poetry also known as abhangas, and he sung lot of devotional songs in the temples in front of the deities.

Janardan Swami had attained Mahasamadhi at Daulatabad and his samadhi shrine is situated inside a mountain cave at Daulatabad.


1. Worshipping the almighty would boost up your spiritual energy, and would make you to live your life without much difficulty.

2. Chant the Datta Mantra for getting prosperity in your life.

3. Perform meditation regularly in order to attain a painless and fearless death.

4. Realize the god within you and release the Kundalini Shakti from your body by doing Yogasanas.

5. Visit various holy pilgrimages and worship the divine deities with full of pleasure and enthusiasm in your mind.

6. Without the grace of the god, you can’t even move a single step. Always praise him, chant his glories and worship him wholeheartedly.

7. Consider the other living beings as equivalent to you, and treat them with kindness and gentleness.

8. Respect your father and mother, behave with them kindly and provide proper food to them.

9. Avoid unnecessary talks and always concentrate your attention on almighty.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.


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