Is Devi, Devatas manifesting in people true ?



“In Uttarakhand there is a tradition of Devi and Devatas manifesting in people. Is that true?” It is called ‘poonakam’ / ‘shigam’ in Telugu. As per the medical terms it is ‘psychic vibrations’. Let’s read the reply to this question from Sri Sri Ravishankar (Founder of Art of Living)…

Yes, it is true, but many times their mind also gets entangled.

That is why, unless that person is a saadhak, who has gone deep within, you cannot say that he is channeling the Devata’s voice completely. Devata’s voice will be there and also partly his own mind; it will be mix of both. So a lot of what he might say will be true, and some of it may not be correct.

It is like looking at the sun through a dirty piece of glass covered with dust, so the rays coming through are not as pure. They are somewhat impacted by the dust. Or if the glass is blue, then the light coming through also looks blue.

That is why, if the person channeling the Devi or Devata lacks innocence and purity, then all that he says will not be entirely true. But if they are pure and innocent, then everything will be accurate.

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