Importance of Insects in Hinduism

In Hinduism, much respect is given to all kinds of living species, such as animals, birds, mammals and even insects. The other living beings in the earth would mostly be mentioned in ancient Puranas.

Mata Brahmari, an aspect of Mata Durga, is associated with bees, and hence bees are considered as holiest insects.

Anthills are considered as an aspect of Mata Bhudevi, the earth goddess, and many interesting stories are associated with that. The great Rishi Valmiki, after completing severe penance on Lord Rama, was fully covered with anthills, and due to that, it is considered that Bhudevi is his daughter, and similarly, he helped Mata Sita, an aspect of Bhudevi, to take shelter at his ashram, during the times of her pregnancy.

Lord Vishnu, when he came to earth, in search of Mata Lakshmi, stayed in an anthill, nearby Tirumala Mountains, and done penance.In the famous Kalahasti temple, several years before,a spider used to worship the Shiva Linga, and due to that it had attained SALVATION.

In some villages in Odisha, people used to worship cockroaches, and they consider it as a divine insect, and believe that it would bring better fortunes in their life. Black ants would never harm us, even when we harm them. It is considered as a holy insect, and whenever people in India, found it in their homes, they would prepare Mothakams to Lord Vinayaka, since they consider black ants as the divine messenger insects of Lord Vinayaka.

According to Hindu dharma, let us adopt the principle “Live and let live”, and let us stop harming the insects, since all the creations are considered as the divine incarnations of the god.

Let us worship Mata Brahmari Devi and be blessed.

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