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Gadhimai Festival Animal Sacrifice

Gadhimai Festival Animal Sacrifice

Animal sacrifice is commonly found in all parts of India and Nepal, and animal sacrifice is practicable since ancient times. We would have studied the stories about the people sacrificing the animals to Mata Kali as a part of their rituals.

The system of sacrifice is followed since Vedic periods, and it was mentioned in Puranas and in other holy texts. Village people mostly would offer the animal sacrifices during Aadi month to Amman while performing puja to her, and they would kill the animals and cut it into pieces and offer it to the divine mother, along with Kuzh and Pongal, and after the completion of the puja, the meat would be distributed amongst the devotees.

Though, usually gods or goddess doesn’t prefer sacrificing the animals, the system is still in practice, in order to satisfy the deities. Generally goats, cocks and hens would be sacrificed, and rarely pigs also would be sacrificed.

According to a famous legend, once when a great sage named “JADABHARATA”, who was an aspect of Lord Brahma, was offered to Mata Kali Devi, and when the people tried to cut him, his spiritual powers began to burn Mata Kali, and due to that, she had emerged from the idol, and killed all the people, and blessed the great “JADABHARATA” and disappeared.

Animal Sacrifice would also be done in order to pacify the great guardian gods like Muneeswarar, Sudalai Madan, Ayyanar and Karuppannaswamy. In most of the temples, the system is prevalent for several hundreds of years.

According to me, even if we offer fruits and vegetables as the Holy Prasad to the divine deities, they would definitely accept it, since they are the saviours and protectors of all the living beings in this world. But we cannot stop such kind of practice as such, since it is based on the belief of the people, and we cannot interfere with their feelings and sentiments.

Let us worship Lord Ayyanar and Mata Kali and be blessed.

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