Ingredients to avoid on Ekadashi Vrat

Ingredients to avoid on Ekadashi Vrat – what are the various ingredients to avoid on Ekadashi Vrat?

The devotees who observe Vrat on Ekadashi days are largely suggested to avoid products such as ready-ground products and ready-mixed masala’s.

They are advised to be away from any kind of Grains such as cereal, flour, rice, bread, wheat, dhals, roti and chapatti plus all kinds of beans.

Masalas without any grains can be home-made and used but masalas purchased from shops are seems to have some grains in the powder.

The other items that are totally avoided on this auspicious days are green beans, tea such as 3 0r 5 roses, coffee, garlic, onions, any kind of meat items, alcohol, powered shop turmeric, spices like powered hing,  cheeses, some milk powders ad it contains soy grains or soy lecithin in it.

It is to be highly noted that corn starch is used in many products as sweetener and particularly in soft drinks. It is to be remembered that large quantity of starches made from grains and corn are candy, cream cheese, puddings, certain yogurts, custard, baking powder, baking soda and ground spices.

It is also highly advised not to making any food items that are mixed with grains plus ghee. Even touching of salt with flour should be largely avoided. In order to derive the benefit of observing the Vrat on Ekadashi days, the devotees are strictly advised and suggested to be totally stayed away from the above said ingredients in making any food item for consumption.

Care should be taken on personally checking or being aware of what a person is about to be consumed.

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