Important features of Onasadya

Coconut is the most common ingredients in all the variety of dishes. It is to be noted that Coconut milk is also used in dishes to give special flavor and taste. Coconut oil is used for frying and deep frying the dishes.

On the banana leaf in a specific order, all the dishes are served. For example, on the bottom left corner the banana is served and on the top left corner the pickles are served. This particular serving method largely helps the serving person to easily decide and serve the additional dishes in the offering.

There are large variations in the menu depending on the region and community in Kerala. Non-vegetarian dishes in the sadya are added by the peoples belonging to the northern part of Kerala. In the middle and southern part of the Kerala, people rarely use non-vegetarian dishes. They use only traditional and seasonal vegetables in all the dishes.

In the traditional vegetarian dishes, pineapples carrots and beans are largely used in the dishes. Two vegetables that are not typically used in the Onasadya traditionally are garlic and onion.

Onasadya preparations grandly begin the night before Onam day. The preparation finishes by 10’O clock on the Onam day. The traditionally sitting on the floor for dinning is still followed in all household.

This festival stresses the need for building good rapport with the neighbors and helps in involving a fair amount of social intercourse during the festivity of preparing Onasadya. The hardest task in Onasadya are slicing vegetables and scraping coconut.

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