Importance of OM NAMA SHIVAYA (Panchakshari Mantra)

Mantras are the vibrations of sound which has got the capability of transforming energy irrespective of the level of creation. This in turn helps us to purify our hearts and increase our memory power.

This mantra meaning all adoration to LORD SHIVA is a popular mantra in Hinduism and is found in the Yajur Veda hymn. It is also a part of the Rudra Chamakam. This mantra is usually chanted by the Shiva devotees during any pooja. Incorrect chanting of this mantra will result in imbalances of the health and the mind. In certain cultures it is also regarded as the MAHAMANTRA.

The entire mantra has its original meaning from many texts of the Hinduism. This mantra can be splitted as such:

NA which means the God’s grace

MA which means the universe

SI which stands for Siva, the God of Shakthi

VA which means His grace which is revealed to the human race.

YA which means the Atma or the soul.

In ancient times this mantra was supposed to be including the five elements of the earth. These five elements are the earth, fire, air, the sky and water.

The chanting of this powerful mantra helps salvage ourselves from the bondage of the unreasonable mind and devil’s attitude. The wisdom that very often lies concealed in us will burst forth when this mantra is chanted. Thus we are tuned to face all predicaments in life with the real zeal and gusto. This mantra is a better protection than thousand Black Cats.

This can also be interpreted as “I honor the Divinity within me.” A divine force that is present within all human creations is suppressed today by running behind materialistic pleasures. We seek, we find but never yield. It is only by chanting NAMA SHIVAYA that one can achieve total bliss and do justice to the supermost creation that is the HUMAN RACE.

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