Importance of Lingam Worship

Hinduism is a religion which has more than a hundred Gods and Goddesses. Apart from the Greeks the Hindus too boast of a vast mythology and a deep rooted culture. Amongst the Hindus we have a lot many Gods to worship and a numerous holy shrines to visit before we leave for our heavenly abode; but the God of all the Gods is Mahadev or Lord Shiva. He is considered as the almighty that created the nature; his third eye is the residence of his anger and from his hair begins the flow of the pious Ganga to the earth.

The most sought after form of worship of Shiva is the Linga form. Linga is the purest form of the Lord that was visualized by the ancestors. The origin of the Linga is traced to the male reproductive organ which is the symbol of power and creation. Many people misjudge this fact; but the truth is that when we consider the Lord he is the sole creator and the great destroyer, ultimately symbolizing power; which is the reason why he is worshipped in the Lingam form which stands as a symbol of power.

The oval shaped form of the Lord is considered as the union of the Lord and his wife sati, the creators of the universe. The Lord is also called the God of dance; Nataraja which gives the origin of a yoga asana is called the Nataraja asana.

The Lingam personifies divine power and uncontrollable energy, hence people using it for meditation get a sense of immense power. Worshipping Lord in his purest form; the Linga gives you a sense of power and rejuvenates the energy flow inside your body.

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