Importance of 11 Pradakshinams at Chilkur Balaji Temple

What is the Importance of 11 Pradakshinams at Chilkur Balaji Temple? Chilkur Balaji Temple is the most popular Venkateshwara Temple which is also known as Visa God Temple.

During a visit the devotee goes through the usual rituals of prayer, including 11 circumambulations of the inner shrine, and makes a vow. Once the wish is fulfilled devotees then walk 108 times around the sanctum sanctorum. The majority of wishes by devotees are visa related, thus Chilkur Balaji is also referred to as ‘Visa’ Balaji.

The 11 circumambulations represent the secret of creation — 11 means “1 soul and 1 body” — uniting both with devotion and full determination to fulfill wish, dedicate on the lord; there is no second, everything is god.

In the 108 circumambulations, 1 represents the Existence, Almighty, God (Paramathma, Balaji in the minds of the devotee), 0 represents Creation (Illusionary World, Jagath) and 8 represents Human Body need to come to this universe 8 months (Jivatma).

The Chanting of following names of Lord Vishnu, immensely helps us in overcoming the obstacles in our daily life.

1. “Om Vashatkaaraaya Namaha” : For Success in Business.
2. “Om Aksharaaya Namaha” : For Success in Studies.
3. “Om Bhuthabhavanaya Namaha” : For Good Health.
4. “Om Paramaathmane Namaha” : For Self Confidence.

Every devotee has to keep eyes open while doing darshan of God idol in the temple.

God is everything; God does not want anything from devotees; God expects Devotion, Determination and Dedication from devotees. This temple has chance to surrender the above aspects with God.

Source – Chilkur Temple Priests.

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