Important Festival of Lord Muruga

Subramanya Swamy, Mopidevi Temple

Subramanya Swamy, Mopidevi Temple

The Soorasamharam is performed during the Skanda Sashti Vratham festival and it would be celebrated in a grand manner in the Murugan Temples by the priests and by the devotees of Lord Murugan. During the festival the incident portraying the killing of the Demon Surapadman by Lord Muruga would be viewed by the devotees, and it is considered as an important festival event of Lord Muruga.

This festival is widely celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka and in Kerala at the temples of Lord Murugan. This year the festival would be celebrated on 20th November 2020. During this festival event, Lord Murugan would be killing the demon Surapadman using his divine weapon Vel, a kind of spear.

Pujas and Abhishekham would be done in all the Murugan Temples during the SooraSamharam day. Large number of devotees would gather in Murugan temples to witness the division vision of Lord Muruga. Some Murugan devotees would even observe fasting on the day of SooraSamhaaram, and only after the completion of this festival event, they would break their fast, by consuming Murugan’s Holy Prasad Milk and Panchamirtham, a mixture of fruits.

In Palani, SooraSamharam is grandly celebrated and large number of devotees from all over Tamil Nadu would attend this wonderful function. At the time of this event, Lord Muruga would be dressed in costly garments, and he would be adorned with beautiful flower garlands. After the completion of the SooraSamhaaram event, Prasad items would be offered to all the devotees, and even in some Murugan temples, free wholesome meals would be provided to all the devotees.Lord Muruga is a warrior god, and by worshipping him, we would get braveness, and would be free from enemy related problems, problems from diseases and black magic etc.


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