Images of 120-feet Tallest Ganesh idol in Vizag for Vinayaka Chaturthi 2011 with 6,399 kgs Laddu

120-feet tallest Ganesh idol in Vizag for 2011 Ganesh Chaturthi

Vizag’s 120-feet Tallest Ganesh idol is the biggest & tallest Ganapathi statue for Vinayaka Chaturthi 2011. Erected by Sampath Vinayaka Vishakha Youth Sangam of Visakhapatnam in MVP Colony Alwardas Grounds, the 120-feet Ganapathi which holds the 6,399 kgs laddu, will be available for darshanam from today (2 September 2011) as it was heavily rained yesterday (on Ganesh Chaturthi).

Suvarnabhumi organization prepared the huge laddu at Tapeshwaram Bhakathanjaneya Sweets for this 120-feet Ganesha. The organizers are also making arrangements to get into Guinness Book of World Records for this massive ladoo.

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  1. PREMKUMAR MG says:

    May our Supreme Lord Ganapathi bless all the disciples for making this Guinness Record

    May all the Lucky stars bless all the members of the vinayagar committee
    always for a happy and properous life


    -astrologer premkumar mg

  2. Naveen Sanagala says:

    On behalf of R N SUBRAHMANYAM

    In vizag, Ganesh utsav committe has been conducting Ganesh utsav in a
    massive scale. We all appreciate. In this respect I want to tell you
    one thing:
    In AS Raja college grounds(now this part of ground under VUDA)there
    was a huse Ganesh idol installed in last year and it was collapsed.
    TILL NOW THE SUPPORTING STICKS(remains of collapsed idol) are there.
    It looks no good.
    I request the organisers to look into it and arrange immidiate removal
    of the remains in the ground.
    Pl. arrange.
    thank you
    with regards