Hyderabad Kolhapur Special Train in August, September 2011

The South Central Railway will run a special train between Hyderabad and Kolhapur from 2 August to 14 September 2011 to clear the extra rush of passengers. The train will run 4 days a week according to the below mentioned schedule of SCR.

The Train number 07143 Hyderabad-Kolhapur express special will depart from Hyderabad station at 23.10 hrs on Tuesday, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from August 2 to September 14, and arrive at 22.45 hrs at Kolhapur, the next day.

En route, the express special will depart from Begumpet at 23.27 hrs, Sanathnagar at 23.33 hrs, Lingampalli at 23.50 hrs, Shankarpalli at 00.07 hrs, Vikarabad at 00.45 hrs, Tandur at 01.19 hrs, Nawandgi at 01.34 hrs, Kurgunta at 01.44 hrs, Seram at 01.55 hrs, Malkhaid Road at 02.06 hrs, Chittapur at 02-34 hrs, Nalwar at 03-02 hrs, Yadgir at 03-30 hrs, Narayanpet Road at 03-50 hrs, Krishna at 04-10 hrs, Raichur at 04-55 hrs, Mantharalayam Road at 05-40 hrs, Adoni at 06-10 hrs, Guntakal at 07-50 hrs, Bellary at 08-55 hrs, Tornagallu at 09-37 hrs, Hospet at 10-25 hrs, Koppal at 11-05 hrs, Gadag at 12-02 hrs, Hubli at 14-00 hrs, Dharwad at 14-35 hrs, Londa at 16-15 hrs, Belgaum at 17-35 hrs, Ghatprabha at 19-30 hrs, Raybag at 20-00 hrs, Kudachi at 20-20 hrs, Miraj at 21-30 hrs and Hatkanangale at 22-00 hrs.

In the return direction, train number 07144 Kolhapur-Hyderabad 4-days a week express special will depart at Kolhapur at 07-30 hrs on Thursdays, Fridays, Mondays and Tuesdays from August 4 to September 16 and arrive at Hyderabad at 06-45 hrs, the next day.

En route, express special will arrive at Hatkanangale at 07-50 hrs, Miraj at 08-30 hrs, Kudachi at 09-32 hrs, Raybag at 09-48 hrs, Ghatprabha at 10-33 hrs, Belgaum at 11-55 hrs, Londa at 13-18 hrs, Dharwad at 15-05 hrs, Hubli at 16-05 hrs, Gadag at 17-23 hrs, Koppal at 18-28 hrs, Hospet at 19-03 hrs, Tornagallu at 19-43 hrs, Bellary at 20-38 hrs, Guntakal at 21-30 hrs, Adoni at 22-33 hrs, Manthralayam Road at 23-08 hrs, Raichur at 23-38 hrs, Krishna at 00-01 hrs, Narayanpet Road at 00-20 hrs, Yadgir at 00-38 hrs, Nalwar at 01-38 hrs, Chittapur at 02-24 hrs, Malkhaid Road at 02-31hrs, Seram at 02-41hrs, Kurgunta at 02-51 hrs, Nawandgi at 03-13 hrs, Tandur at 03-28 hrs, Vikarabad at 04-18 hrs, Shankarpalli at 04-38 hrs, Ligampalli at 04-58 hrs, Sanathnagar at 05-18 hrs and arrive at Begumpet at 05-37 hrs.

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