How to reach Kattumannarkoil Arulmigu Sri Anandeeswarar Temple, Tamil Nadu

The panchayat town of Kattumannarkoil is a tourist center and a pilgrim spot located to the South West of Chidambaram and North East of Gangaikonda Cholapuram. Arulmigu Sri Anandeeswarar Temple is one of the sought after lord shiva temple in this region.

The town is located 253 kilometers from the city of Chennai and can be reached via three primary modes of transport namely: train, bus, and car and even airplane. It takes around 6 hours to the reach the town from Chennai and less than an hour from Chidambaram.

The Chidambaram railway station is the nearest to Kattumannarkoil town and is located just 25 kilometers away. From Chennai, one has to reach the Chidambaram railway station and then take a bus to reach to the town.

One can take an airplane from the Trichy airport and then a take a bus or tourist cab to Kattumannarkoil. The Trichy airport is located 120 kilometers away from the town.

The best and the easiest way to reach Kattumannarkoil are by road. The town has several towns connected to it by road. In addition, there is ample bus facility availability from Chidambaram to Kattumannarkoil. Bus is available for every 20 minutes from Chidambaram. From Chennai, one can reach Kumbakonam Highway and then to Kattumannarkoil or from Jayamkondan to Chidambaram to Kattumannarkoil.

If one travels by car from Chennai, then there are two ways to Kattumannarkoil. First, one can reach Chidambaram and then from there can reach the town. This is a straight route. Second, from Chennai, one can reach Kattumannarkoil via Vikravandi-Panruti-Vandalur-Sethiya Thope route.

There are rental cars available from Chennai to Kattumannarkoil. There are many car rental companies offering tour packages to Kattumannarkoil at competitive price.

On the whole, roads play an important role in supporting the town’s transport system. The town buses enjoy highest possible public contact patronage when compared with the other modes of transport.

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