How to prepare Vishukkani?

The most important event of Vishu is Vishukanni. It is strongly believed by the Hindu Malayalees that what one witness on the dawn of the New Year will largely decide the prosperity and luck for the coming year. Therefore Vishukanni is seen by the Malayalees on the auspicious day of Vishu. Vishukanni is prepared by […]

Significance of Vishukkani Darshan

Significance of Vishukkani Darshan, importance of Vishukani Darshanam. What is Vishukkani Darshan? When is Vishukkani celebrated?  The auspicious sight or the Vishukkani is the arrangement of a yellow laburnum flower known as ‘konna pua’,  the traditional bronze vessel ‘Uruli’ filled with rice, fruits such as mangoes and jack-fruit, vegetables such as snake gourds and gourds, […]

Vishukkani: The age old Tradition of Vishu

In the Malayalam language, the word “Kani” literally means “that which is seen first”, therefore “Vishukkani” largely means “that which is seen first on Vishu”. The Vishukkani is a vista of auspicious items, comprising of fruits, flowers, vegetables, gold coins and clothes. It is grandly arranged by the mother in the family, in the puja […]

Vishu Pooja at Sabarimala Temple

Vishu Pooja at Sabarimala Temple, Vishu festival at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple. Vishu celebrations at Sabarimala Temple. Vishukani Darshanam at the temple. The eight day annual Vishu festival is grandly celebrated at the Sabarimala temple located in the district of Pathanamthitta in the state of Kerala in Southern India. The temple reopens for this purpose after […]

Vishu Puja at Guruvayur Temple

Vishu puja at Guruvayur temple is quite popular and famous among the Malayalees in Kerala. This temple is located in the district of Thrissur in the town known as Guruvayur in the state of Kerala in Southern India. The shrine is largely dedicated to Sri Krishna. This particular temple is referred by the Hindus as […]

Vishu 2014, Vishu Festival 2014 date (Malayalam Zodiac New Year)

Vishu 2014, Vishu 2014 date. When is Vishu festival in 2014? Vishu is Malayalam Zodiac New Year. Vishu 2014 marks the beginning of 2014-2015 Malayalam Year, Kolla Varsham. Vishu is the harvest festival of Kerala observed on the first day of the Medam month (April – May) of Malayalam Calendar (Kolla Varsham). Vishu 2014 date […]

14 April 2013: Vishu Festival in Kerala (Zodiac Malayalam New Year)

Today, 14 April 2013 is Vishu festival in Kerala (Zodiac Malayalam New Year). It falls on Mesha Sankramana day on which Meda Masam begins as per Malayalam calendar (Kolla Varsham). Vishu also marks the beginning of New Year as per Tulu Nadu in Karnataka (Bisu festival). Vishu Phalam or Vishubhalam are the special predictions prepared […]

Items needed for Vishukkanni

In Kerala, Vishu is the Zodiac New Year for the Malayalees. On the day of Vishu festival, an assortment of auspicious articles which are viewed when a person opens one’s eyes is known as Vishukani, or Vishukkani. It is to be highly noted that the list of auspicious articles varies much from region to region […]