Hot Trending Destinations to Visit as Couple

Planning a vacation? Want to go somewhere memorable with your partner? Do something exciting and truly original! Visit one of the proposed destinations to get really satisfied. The world is wide open and waits for you and your loved one to explore it. There are place you’ve never even imagined you’d want to visit. Have an open mind and try thinking outside of the box. Exotic countries with magnificent beaches can give you a proper rest and relaxation. Read the following info from russian dating site to know about the trending travel destinations for couples.   


Morocco becomes more and more popular each year. This magnificent country, though situated in Africa, has a well-adjusted and modern infrastructure. Quality of service in Morocco is amazing and there’s plenty to see too. Consider visiting Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Tangier. For a proper introduction to Morocco smoke a shisha, drink some tea, and listen to native Moroccan music played live on many cafes. Walk tiny pedestrian streets in the evening, relax on a beach, and enjoy local food. You can buy something at the market, though market itself will feel like trip back in time. Finally, see Sahara desert to enjoy the world’s greatest sunsets. You and your partner will, without any doubt, enjoy Morocco because of its authentic culture and wonderful people.   

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small country situated on an island close to the Southern coast of India. Sri Lanka is famous for producing the world’s greatest tea because made in Ceylon. The whole island feels like an eco-park or a natural wonder because of the diverse flora and fauna. There are many animals and plants which exist only on Sri Lanka. Wherever you go you will have something to see. Hike in the mountains to see tea plantations, do some surfing, relax on a beach in front the Indian Ocean, and see great Buddhist and Hindu temples. Sri Lanka is very romantic because of its natural wonders, lack of industrialization, clean Ocean waters, and fresh air. It is among the most trending tropical destinations. Couples who come here feel like reformed because visiting Sri Lanka is much the same as being on the edge of the world. It is a small and secluded Island with nothing else around. Isn’t it romantic? And what else do you need when you have your loved on an island that seems like paradise.


Malaysia is one of the most developed and highly modernized countries in South-Eastern Asia. It has a lot to offer to couples who plan a romantic getaway. People go to Malaysia primarily because of its clean beaches and seaside with crystal pure water. You can do diving, snorkeling, and even surfing. Or you can just rent a bungalow and drink daiquiris on a beach. Kuala Lumpur, the capital, will amaze you because it looks nothing else like other South-Eastern cities. It has much more in common with European or American big cities because of how clean and shiny everything is. Malaysia has all the benefits of an exotic Asian countries plus developed infrastructure and European-like level of service. You can choose a secluded island to escape from everything and everybody. Or you can enjoy nightlife attending luxurious clubs and truly fashionable restaurants. That’s what puts Malaysia on the list of trending honeymoon destinations. Visit history museum to know about rich history of the country and its former glory as the center of South-Eastern sea trade. And, of course, don’t forget to get a taste of local seafood because you won’t come across such delicious cuisine anywhere else.

Well, Malaysia, Morocco, and Sri Lanka are the trending travel destinations 2017 for couples. Visiting any of them will surely become an amazing adventure for you and your partner.

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