Holy Pontiffs of Hinduism

Chandrasekhanrendra Saraswati Swamigal

Chandrasekhanrendra Saraswati Swamigal

In Hinduism, we have lot of pure and pious pontiffs who have served faithfully to the god with full of dedication and devotion in their mind. Sri Adishankara who had incarnated before 2,000 years is believed to be the founder and pontiff of Kanchi Mutt, which is situated in Kancheepuram, and Sringeri Sharada peetham, which is situated at Sringeri, Karnataka.

The great Vaishnavite saint, Sri Ramanuja had dedicated his life towards spreading the importance of Vaishnavism and he served as the pontiff and the chief priest of Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram. During his period he taught the ways for attaining salvation to the people, and he was against caste discrimination. He treated all types of people as alike, and showed great affection on them.

Sri Madhwacharya, an incarnation of wind god, has established many Madhwa Mutts in Udupi, and he inculcated the “SRI KRISHNA BHAKTI” among the people. He also served as a pontiff in the mutts, and propagated the Dvaita philosophy amongst the people. Similarly there are various pontiffs who are serving in an excellent manner in Sri Ramakrishna mutt, Swaminarayan Temple and Uttaradi Mutt.

At present in Mantralayam Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Sri Subudhendra Teertha is serving as the pontiff in an excellent manner. He is having good knowledge in Vedas, Shastras and in Sanskrit knowledge. Some time back he has received an honorary doctorate award in appreciation for his selfless divine service.

Through the dedicated service of our noble pontiffs, Hinduism is popularised even in foreign countries. Some Swami Narayan temples have also been constructed in foreign countries, through the sincere efforts made by the pontiffs.

Our holy Pontiffs acts as a backbone for Hinduism, and through their sincere and painstaking efforts, our holy religion survives in this world. Pontiffs are nothing but our spiritual gurus, who acts as a mediator between us and the almighty. By worshipping the holy pontiffs, we would immediately get the grace of the almighty.


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