Holi 2014 date in Bihar

Holi, the festival of colours, is celebrated on Falgun Purnima in all the places of India, except Bihar. In Bihar, Holi festival is celebrated on the very next day of Purnima. In 2014, Holi festival date in Bihar is March 17.

Falgun Purnima begins in the night on 15th March and ends in the night of 16 March. As Chaitra Krishna Pratipada is on 17th March, Holi is celebrated on March 17th.

According to Mahavir Panchang, Rishikesh Panchang, Mithila Panchang, Vishwa Panchang and Kashi Panchang, Holi festival date is March 16th or 17th in 2014.

As there is lot more confusion regarding Holi festival and Holika Dahan this year, Hindupad.com is trying to keep an insight on this.

As per many Panchangs, Holika Dahan is celebrated on 16th March. A version in Mahavir Panchang and Kashi Panchang says, Holi should be celebrated on 17th March.

Holi 2013 in Bihar

In 2013, Holi festival date in Bihar was March 28, Thursday.

Mithila Panchang and Rishikesh Panchang say, Holika Dahan is celebrated on Pradosh Vyapini Falgun purnima in the absence of Bhadra Nakshatra. As these Panchangs say, ‘performing Holika Dahan during the Bhadra Nakshatra i.e. till 3.30 AM, is inauspicious. Due to this reason, Holika Dahan should be done after 3.30 AM on March 27, Wednesday.

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    bhadra time on 26 march holi puja 2013

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    dateof holi in 2013 according to hindu panchang

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    Timing for holika dahan 2013 in india at punchang

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    if holi is on 28 march 2013 when and at what time holika dahan should be done

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    holi is celebrated on wed or thursday in bihar

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    holi 2013 date in india 27th or 28th

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    first saawan somwar according to maithil panchang 2013-14