Hindupad ties up with HGG for Eco-friendly Holi colours campaign

Hyderabad Goes Green Hindupad

Hyderabad Goes Green Hindupad

Hindupad.com ties up with Hyderabad Goes Green, HGG, a social enterprise established to encourage people for promoting eco-friendly, herbal, natural, and safe environment around us. It is to note that Holi festival 2015 date is March 5 & 6.

HGG is now promoting the usage of eco-friendly colors for Holi festival. It is to note that Hindupad also tied up with HGG in the promotion of eco-friendly clay Ganesha idols for Ganesha Chaturthi festival.

According to the team of Hyderabad Goes Green….

For this year’s festival, we have come up with some sustainable packaging ideas for the colours to reduce the environmental impact of the campaign. Please find attached some pictures regarding this.

The colours shall be packed in small pouches made from newspaper, and these in turn shall be placed in a Jute bag, when bought by the customer. These Jute bags are not only earth-friendly but also carry a green message of reducing the usage of plastic bags. This campaign shall be one of a kind in the city and we are expecting a greater response this year. We will also be holding two press meets, one to announce the launch and the other to announce the various sale points of the colours in the city.

Green & Clean Holi enters its third edition this year. With brighter colors and better packaging, we hope to reach more people than ever. Chemical based colors can not only harm your skin, eyes, hair but can also be carcinogenic and can cause permanent disorder to your organs. When colors containing harmful chemicals such as lead oxide, oxidized metals, industrial dyes and other toxic chemicals get into the river water they cause water and soil pollution, risking the lives of myriad life forms through the food chain. Stop abusing chemicals & start respecting nature.

Become one with nature by using these natural colors made from plant materials and also avoid wastage of water as lesser water is required to clean these natural colors. Please find the poster below.

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