Hinduism Cannot be destroyed by anyone



Hinduism cannot be destroyed by anyone in this world. Some people who belong to other religions are trying to destroy this ancient religion, by making false remarks on Hinduism, and also by making derogatory comments on our deities. Some people belonging to some political parties are also attacking our religion, by commenting on our ancient Hindu beliefs, customs and traditions. They are also teasing our Lord Venkateshwara and Amman, and also commenting on the form of Lord Vinayaka.

Some non-believers of Hinduism are criticising our great Lord Krishna, and they are badly commenting on the relationship between Lord Krishna and the Gopikas. Without knowing about the significance of Krishna, simply they are commenting and by the way they are creating anger in the minds of Hindus. Our ancient sages and saints have dedicated their entire lives for upbringing of our holy Hinduism through their great divine works like Puranas, Vedas and Bhakti songs on the almighty.Some years back, the ancient Prahaladapuri Temple at Multan in Pakistan, built by the great Bhakta Prahalada to his beloved god Narasimha, was destroyed by some miscreants, and they have done this act willfully.

But in general, Hindus are calm and quiet people, who would never talk badly about other religions, and they would never find fault with the beliefs of other religions. They maintain strong unity among other religious people, and also would take part in their religious festivals by drinking the sacred Kanji during the sacred festival Ramzan along with their Muslim brothers.

When the great king Vikramaditya had ruled over the ancient India, he considered all other religious people as one and the same, and never talked badly about other religions. Before few centuries, some of the holy temples of Hindus have been converted into other religious temples, and even then, Hindus maintains strict patience, since they didn’t like fighting with others. But some of the other religious people are taking advantage on the patience of Hindus, and they keep on criticizing our religion on a daily basis.

Those who try to damage our holy Hinduism must understand one thing, that, for all of their bad deeds, they would get punished by the almighty, during the time of their death, and they would not get peace of mind in their subsequent births also. Recently few Muslims were misbehaved in the Koragajja Temple, situated near Mangalore, by dropping Condoms in the holy Temple Hundial and also they have passed urine inside the temple premises.

After hearing the prayers of his devotees, Lord Koragajja had punished them, and one of them had become mad, he hit himself in the wall and died, and the other two have surrendered before the police, and also they have asked apology to the Koragajja Temple Priest.

In the present situation, the bad people would be immensely punished by the god for their bad acts, and also they cannot escape from the clutches of Lord Yama Dharma Maharaja at the time of their death.


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