Hindu Dharma Prachara by Srivari Sevakas

Hindu Dharma Prachara by Srivari Sevakas – Sri Vari Sevaks should act as ambassadors of Hindu Dharma Prachara and take part in the various religious and spiritual activities taken up by TTD to the nook and corner of the state as well in the country in a wide manner said Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad (HDPP) special officer Sri Sriram Raghunath,

Addressing the Srivari Sevaks from AP, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Maharastra who converged in Asthana Mandapam at Tirumala on Friday, he said TTD with a noble mission to propagate, promote and preserve Hindu Sanatana Dharma has taken up various programmes including Managudi, Subhapradam etc.

“We have recently formed Dharma Prachara Mandalis(DPMs) among which Srivari Sevaks also should play an important role to take up the dharma prachara in their respective villages”, said Sri Raghuram. He said on Telugu ugadi day on March 31 this year, TTD has started “Dharmika Sankharavam” a handout which comes as a bi-monthly to be distributed among the masses in rural areas and imbibe the importance of ethical values that are taught in Hindu Sanatana Dharma. “The handout includes various dharmic topics including Gita Bodha, Sri Venkatachala Mahatyam, Srivari Kainkaryalu, Pandugalu-Acharalu, kathamrutham, Balaprabodham etc.

Meanwhile TTD PRO called upon the Srivari Sevaks to associate themselves in this divine task of taking up Hindu Dharma Prachara in the rural areas in a big way.

OSD Srivari Seva Sadan and APRO Miss P Neelima was also present.

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