Himachal Pradesh Elections 2012 Results, Trends, Seats, Majority

Himachal Pradesh Elections 2012 results, trends, seats, and majority lists are given here. There is neck to neck and tug of war fight between Congress and BJP in Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh elections were held in single phase – November 4th, 2012. Due to the huge turnout of polling, BJP is hoping for an edge. But exit polls of different media groups have predicted varied results.

As per the final verdict, positions of the parties and seat tally of the parties..

Congress has won 36 seats

BJP has won 26 seats

Others won in 6 seats

As per the early trends on 9.15 AM, 20 December 2012 counting…

BJP – leading in 18 seats

Congress – leading in 7 seats

BSP – leading in 0 seats (Others – leading in 1 seats)

Himachal Pradesh Elections 2012 Exit Polls

ABP-Nielson Exit Poll

BJP: 32 seats; Congress: 32 seats; Others: 4 seats; Total: 68 seats

India TV-CVoter Exit Poll

BJP: 31 seats; Congress: 34 seats; Others: 3 seats; Total: 68 seats

CNN IBN Exit Poll

BJP: 29-35 seats; Congress: 29-35 seats; Others: 2-6 seats; Total: 68 seats

News 24 – Chanakya Exit Poll

BJP: 23 seats; Congress: 40 seats; Others: 5 seats; Total: 68 seats

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