Health Benefits of Celebrating Makar Sankranthi in traditional manner

Apart from ritualistic celebrations, Makar Sankranthi has several number of herbal and health benefits. Celebrating Pongal festival in traditional manner makes us healthy.

Here is a list of the items associated with Sankranti festival and their health benefits for us…

Regu Pandlu (Ziziphus zizyphus – commonly known as Jujube, Red date, Indian date, Chinese date, Korean date, etc..)

Indian dates are good blood purifiers. They are rich in anti-oxidants and flavonoids. The fleshy fruits reduce the effects of constipation and clean the digestive system. Eating Indian dates gets you out from dental problems and mouth ulcers.

Pongal is a complete nutritious food for children and elders. The vitamins and proteins of it increase the resistance power of human body.


Sugarcane is rich in Calcium and its juice is full of glucose. Chewing sugarcane and drinking the sugarcane juice increases the hunger and gives instant energy. It is also used as a medicine for those who are suffering from diarrhea and loose motions. The pregnant women who are suffering from vomiting can take sugarcane juice with ginger to get better health. The fresh sugarcane juice is very good for Jaundice patients.


The pumpkin has great health benefits in it. It gives a lot of energy to body. It is a great medicine for those who are suffering from the swelling of Prostate gland. Consuming the pumpkin juice with lemon juice and honey gets out from nerves weakness. It is even more healthy food for children, pregnant women and old people.

Til (Nuvvulu – Sesame)

The Til laddu (Nuvvula Vundalu), prepared with sesame seeds and jaggery, provides us calcium, Folic Acid, iron, etc. The feeding mothers will get more milk for their children. It also regulates the menstrual cycles in younger women. Proteins and Folic acid in sesame control the Anemia.

Gobbemmalu (dung balls)

Gobbemmalu that are prepared and decorated in front of houses are rich in anti-bacterial, anti-viral characters.

Mango leaves, Banthi Poolu (Marigold flowers)

The thorans (garlands) prepared with marigold flowers and Mangifera leaves (mango tree leaves) are not only for beauty but also works as anti-bacterial agents and repellents.

Bhogi Mantalu (Sacred bonfire)

The smell from the combustion of old material at home, Datura stems and other sticks reduces the effects of Asthma disease.

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