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Harsu Brahma Jayanti 2019 | Harsu Brahma Tithi

Harsu Brahma Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Harsu Brahmaji. In 2019, Harsu Brahma Jayanti date is February 14.

Harsu Brahma Pandey was a Kanyakubja priest in the kingdom of Raja Saliwahan who had lost his life while in a protest against the Raja for demolition of his house at the instigation of Raja’s queen.

When the dead body of Harsu Brahma was taken to Varanasi for cremation, Harsu was seen standing on his wooden sandals on the steps of the burning ghat. Harsu then informed the people over there that he had become Brahma and cursed Raja Saliwahan’s family except his one daughter who was kind to him.

Harsu Brahma Jayanti is observed on Shukla Paksha Navami in Magh Month as per North Indian Hindi calendar.

Harsu Brahma Temple / Harsu Brahma Dham is located at Chainpur near Bhabua city in Kaimur district of Bihar.

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  1. Dayanand says:

    location of bhabuan city at bihar for harshu brahrma

  2. Mitali says:

    banaras harshu brahma baba in real story hindi

  3. om prakash mishra (vinay ) biur chainpur says:

    Jai shri harshu bramha baba