Be Happy even in Difficult Times

Yes. We have to be always happy even during the times of difficulties. As per the sayings of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavat Gita, “Don’t get upset for your problems. Problems are common occurrence in human’s life. You have to prepare yourself to face any kind of challenges in your life. Human’s life is uncertain. There would be always a mixture of happiness and sufferings in human’s life, and no one can escape from their fate. It is the destiny which determines the life of a person. Instead of worrying about your problems, keep thinking about me always in your life, then I would reduce your sufferings and would give the withstanding capacity in order to face any kind of problems in your life”.

We must have to read the Bhagavat Gita teachings of Lord Krishna, in order to lead a pious life. We should also realize that how the divine avatars like Rama, Krishna and Parasurama have faced lot of problems in their life. Since they were born as humans, even they have faced the difficulties, but with happiness. Ma Kunti Devi, the mother of the Pandavas, had asked Lord Krishna to give her small, small problems in her life. She has asked the boon, in order to permanently remember Lord Krishna. We are remembering the god only during the times of difficulties, and whenever we are in happy mood, we would forget the almighty, and we would not remember him also.

The great Bhagavathas, Dhruva and Prahalada have asked the boon to Lord Narayana, to keep him in their souls, and to always remember him for ever in their lives. As per their request, Lord Narayana had made Dhruva into a bright star, and he is still chanting the names of Lord Vishnu in the Dhruva Mandala, and keeping the memories of Lord Vishnu. Prahalada had taken the avatar of Guru Raghavendra, and in his Brindavan at Mantralayam, he is permanently chanting the Rama Mantra, and doing goodness in the lives of his devotees.

Hence, let us develop the habit of maintaining happiness even during the times of difficulties, by worshipping the great Lord Krishna, and be blessed.


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